Life's Experiences

Trapped and Twisted – A Cry For Help

He’s suffocating in a spider’s web!

He feels grounded like a rooted tree!

He’s had a bad week, taunted by his own emotions, but a good week at school.

His hours have changed to accommodate his needs; his mother is grateful.

It’s a cold winter morning and the dew has settled like broken rivers along the lawn.

He stares, crab like, at the droplets of collected mist that dangle along the window.

A spider’s web he sees, like a field of patchwork silk, yet broken up along the way.

Flies trapped in a cauldron!

His eyes wander through and beyond the tangled web and glares at a twisted nest below an uprooted tree.

‘I feel like that fly’, he says – trapped, just waiting to be taken!

‘I feel like that tree’, he says – twisted like roots!