Life's Experiences

Living Life In Bubbles


Today’s little ‘life bubble’ for me is one of apprehension!

Today as a first time blogger, it’s like starting a new job!
I’m anxious, fearful, worried and in panic ……

The title of my page is – “life’s 1 big bubble” because for me it is…..!

Ever sat back and analysed all those life bubbles you have burst and the consequences and impact they have had on others, let alone yourself. Emotional, physical, social and the list goes on. I still have many life bubbles waiting to burst!

I am starting this blog site so I can express and share, not just my own life experiences, but of others too around me who wish to do the same. Some ‘life’ experiences I am sure you can relate to………

Having only just joined the blogging community, I am still a ‘novice’, hence my apprehension. Lots to learn still to set this up properly. However, until next week when I share one of those bubbles that burst with you  …..
My Thought for the day is:

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today”