Life's Experiences

Trapped and Twisted – A Cry For Help

He’s suffocating in a spider’s web!

He feels grounded like a rooted tree!

He’s had a bad week, taunted by his own emotions, but a good week at school.

His hours have changed to accommodate his needs; his mother is grateful.

It’s a cold winter morning and the dew has settled like broken rivers along the lawn.

He stares, crab like, at the droplets of collected mist that dangle along the window.

A spider’s web he sees, like a field of patchwork silk, yet broken up along the way.

Flies trapped in a cauldron!

His eyes wander through and beyond the tangled web and glares at a twisted nest below an uprooted tree.

‘I feel like that fly’, he says – trapped, just waiting to be taken!

‘I feel like that tree’, he says – twisted like roots! 

Life's Experiences

Senseless and Alone – A Cry For Help

It all seems senseless!

I feel so alone!

Its 1 o’clock and his lesson has started.

He shivers uncontrollably, his vision like ping pong balls being thrown across the room. He try’s hard to focus on his desk but his art work topples to the floor.

‘What are you doing!’, the teacher shouts

He cannot hear, he cannot focus, he can’t do anything right to adjust his fall.

There is a twenty second delay!

A hand is offered, but not to the child. It is the art work that is deemed more important and returned to its original setting!

No wonder he feels all alone!


Life's Experiences

Arms Bandaged – A Cry For Help

His arms are bandaged!

He doesn’t feel the pain!

She tells me – “He’s had a good week – but it’s also been a bad week!”

From a stable home, caring parents and much love and help to control his demons, it’s still not been enough for this teenager. Socially its been a better week, mixing in with his peers, but it’s still not enough for this teenager.

He’s thin and eating is a problem.
He makes himself sick; he butchers his body – it’s the only way he sees how to control his emotions.

An unfortunate set back when things were going so well.
A Mothers worse nightmare.

She enters his room in the early hours of the morning, awoken by instinct, not alerted by noise. His white bed sheet; soaked. His arms dripping like droplets of water, seeping through rock crevices.

He is taken to hospital for care and bandaged. But no bandage, will heal his demons.

He tells her…. “I want to be happy and normal, but I don’t know how to”

What needs to happen to help this teenager come

out of the dark hole he lives in?

What Will it take to help this teenager

be rid of his dark demons?

His arms HAVE no more spaces left for them to bleed!

She feels the pain – its her way of coping!

Life's Experiences

An Emotional Struggle – A Cry For Help 

I’m struggling emotionally!

I’m struggling to breath!

I took time out today to catch up with my special friend.

We walked leisurely through the forest woods, taking in the mirrored scenery of tall pines, that shadowed calmly onto the glinting lake. Our pups moving in and out, gliding through undergrowth, like squirrels hunting for nuts.

I could see she was tired, her eyes like seaside lollipops; big and stripy; waiting to be sucked in and reduced for good. She’s drained, emotionally, everything has been sucked out of her. She has and still is doing her best to hold the family together, to be rid of the bad thoughts and actions her son desires.

She is the rock of the family, everyone relies on her.

Like a dark hole drawing her in, she then tells me she can’t do it anymore!

Her own emotions are now being drawn into her own son’s mind-set. She thinks about it, she talks about it – but she knows she can’t do it! What would they do ‘Without Her’!

But she can, she is strong and tomorrow will be another day.  Where she weakens today, she will wake tomorrow, even stronger to continue to nurture her son’s thought process, to protect him from the demon leaches, his feelings and emotions.

She’s struggling emotionally!

She is struggling to breath!