Life's Experiences

Trapped and Twisted – A Cry For Help

He’s suffocating in a spider’s web!

He feels grounded like a rooted tree!

He’s had a bad week, taunted by his own emotions, but a good week at school.

His hours have changed to accommodate his needs; his mother is grateful.

It’s a cold winter morning and the dew has settled like broken rivers along the lawn.

He stares, crab like, at the droplets of collected mist that dangle along the window.

A spider’s web he sees, like a field of patchwork silk, yet broken up along the way.

Flies trapped in a cauldron!

His eyes wander through and beyond the tangled web and glares at a twisted nest below an uprooted tree.

‘I feel like that fly’, he says – trapped, just waiting to be taken!

‘I feel like that tree’, he says – twisted like roots! 

Life's Experiences

Senseless and Alone – A Cry For Help

It all seems senseless!

I feel so alone!

Its 1 o’clock and his lesson has started.

He shivers uncontrollably, his vision like ping pong balls being thrown across the room. He try’s hard to focus on his desk but his art work topples to the floor.

‘What are you doing!’, the teacher shouts

He cannot hear, he cannot focus, he can’t do anything right to adjust his fall.

There is a twenty second delay!

A hand is offered, but not to the child. It is the art work that is deemed more important and returned to its original setting!

No wonder he feels all alone!