“Today I’m going to place a Bubble of happiness around myself
and refuse to let anything negative get in”.


My life doesn’t reflect one of much fortune, but fortunate enough to be present, today, tomorrow and for how long, not even I will know!

I’m not a negative person, far from it. I live each day contented that there is always a brighter tomorrow.

I have more time of late after changing my work patterns and find myself consoling, nurturing, or just being there for other people who are in need of some compassion and comfort. Like a guardian angel, waving her magic wings to suppress others pain.

I live around nature, like its my second home, being creative with Garden Design, painting, walking our puppy or tending my own garden.

People can have a major impact on our lives, which is why I have decided to start sharing with you my own stories and those of others who have penetrated it so.

So – Have you ever felt trapped in one of life’s many Bubbles?
Mine have had a huge impact on the path I have taken in life. Some even having more of an impact on loved ones around me without fully realizing it!

Recently I have sat and analysed the many bubbles I have burst; the consequences of bursting them and what I could’ve done differently.

I want to share, not just my own ‘life bubbles’, but those of others around me.

There are many ‘Bubbles’ -: emotional, mental, physical, financial, social and more. Some I am still holding onto just awaiting the right moment for them to burst!