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Talented And Alone – A Cry For Help

Academic Potential!

Socially Isolated!

I want to shout out loud, but all there is, is an open ocean!

I want to curl up in a ball, but my body is stiff !

Are we too blind and busy to recognize the needs of troubled teenagers these days?

The hardened peer pressure that is thrust upon them. The constant demands to do well at school. The need to be socially cool if you are to be accepted within a group.

Academically this boy is bright; he doesn’t like school and his attendance reflects this. He has a dream and a goal in life, but will this ever become reality if socially he struggles.

He is in the elite when it comes to intelligence. He is also artistically talented and gets bored with the slow pace in teaching. He writes poems and song lyrics; no doubt a mirrored reflection of his inner emotions. He is always one step ahead of his peers, could this be why he is struggling socially?

He shows me his art work, I am taken back; outstanding talent and skill. I question him –
“Why did you draw this picture?” expecting him to express an emotion.
But he’s polite and replies…
“No reason I just like drawing”…….
But I could see there was more to it then what he says…….

I want him to be like the Ocean; open up; release his weighted wave and let it wash away.

The Ocean has receded  –  I’m shouting – but still no-one hears!

My body now curls and I am all alone!

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