Life's Experiences

‘Is Anyone Listening?’ – A Cry For Help

I am struggling to find the words!

I am struggling with my emotions!

This blog is not easy to write, nor will it yet end; there is more to cover and say.
My fingers trembling; my heart racing!

We all have special friends don’t we. The ones who you can rely on unconditionally and whose children socialized together, partied; shared hobbies; spent birthdays; enjoyed sleep overs and even spent holidays together. In fact, it wasn’t just the children, the adult’s too, that’s why they are special!

I am an older parent. In my day they called us DINKY”s – double income, no kids – ‘yet’! An expression for a generation of hardworking couples hungry for a big career and children later. Not that, that really matters, but does relate as my friend is much younger.

She once expressed that she has always had someone of an older influence watch over and protect her in some form or another throughout her life, and, as one moves on and fades into the distance another one appears. I believe I am her 4th influence – but I will not fade away – I am an Aquarian – loyal to the core!

We both believe people are in our lives for a reason!

Our working lifestyles have become complicated these last few years, which means we can go many months without seeing each other, although we would text, especially as our children have grown older, but when reunited, its like it was only yesterday.

I wanted to start blogging to share ‘life’s bubbles’ and those of others, with an objective, where possible, to heighten the awareness that is contained within it – SO……..

Why am I struggling to find the words?

Why am I struggling emotionally?

What can you say, what can you do, how will you feel,
when your special friend tells you that her
youngest Son is on suicide watch?

What can you say, what can you do, how will you feel,
when you find out the professional body involved tells her –
“Can’t you not keep your child alive, away from any sharps, tablets etc:,
for the next six days before your first appointment?  

  Now you know; why I am struggling to find the words and

that my emotions are running high.

My heart is like a bottomless pit – suffocating in the smog below.

Here’s a Cry For Help – But Is Anyone Listening!

How many more children are suffering out there and not being heard!




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